The Managing People Package—Digital PDFs

The Managing People Package—Digital PDFs

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The Managing People Package: Position your agency for success with these digital PDF Managing People books and save $10 when you buy all three together! 

Book #1

Hiring, Managing and Compensating Insurance Agency Personnel (373 pages)

This comprehensive book provides detailed information to help insurance agencies manage their HR responsibilities. The authors, Jon Persky, CIC, CPA, PHR, and Jenny Foster, CIC, have drawn upon years of teaching and consulting to produce a practical book for everyday use. Agencies without a HR department can use the book as a template to assist them with providing the basic HR functions. Larger agencies with an existing HR department can use the guide to fine-tune their systems and procedures.

A key feature of this guidebook is a digital download that contains the forms, applications, letters, checklists, job descriptions, and other pertinent information in the book. Agencies can tailor this information for use in their own agencies, without having to create it themselves. These added files will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.
  • Hiring and firing:  how to determine staffing needs, candidate sources, interviewing techniques, non-compete agreements, evaluations, and termination procedures
  • Employment law: Federal acts, plus negligent hiring, defamation, invasion of privacy, marijuana usage, and other hot topics
  • Job descriptions for a variety of positions including: CSR, automation manager, office manager, producer
  • Compensation:  Employee motivation and goals, account profitability, compensation methods, bonus plans, benefits 
Unique Features: 
  • A practical and comprehensive look at human resources from an insurance agency perspective
  • A means for an insurance agency to protect itself from HR problems without spending a lot of time and/or money
  • A bonus digital download with forms, applications, letters, checklists, and job descriptions that you can customize
Practical Uses and Benefits: 
  • Protect your agency from HR problems without spending a lot of money.
  • Improve your systems and procedures with regard to hiring and firing, employment law, job descriptions, an employee manual, and a procedures manual.
Book #2
The Pulse of Customer Service: A Profile of Insurance Industry Customer Service Personnel, 5th Edition (240 pages)
Use the results of a nationwide survey to compare your compensation, servicing volume, and responsibilities. Read about qualifications, experience, skills, and knowledge for both commercial and personal lines CSRs. Chart a future course with checklists and job descriptions.
Book #3
Producer Profile: Compensation, Production, and Responsibilities, 5th Edition (310 pages)
The Producer Profile is based on a survey of over 600 P&C producers from independent insurance agencies to determine how producers are performing with respect to compensation, sales production, responsibilities, qualifications, education, and training. Complementing the survey results is an expert panel summary with tips and suggestions for hiring, training, and managing producers. This study is a valuable guide for agency owners and sales managers as they can see how their agency producer compensation plans compare to others regarding annual compensation, commission rates, benefits, and covered expenses. Owners can compare their producers' sales production to the study's averages, and learn about average account size, new business production, growth rates, and hit ratios. The study discusses producers' qualifications, training needs, and various responsibilities.
The Producer Profile is also an important tool for producers to compare themselves to their peer group. Producers can see how much others are compensated, what commission rates are paid, the amount of sales achieved, the time actually spent on sales, difficulties experienced, and opportunities for professional development. This study comes with a downloadable file folder containing sample producer contracts or agreements and job descriptions. Agencies can use these samples as templates for constructing new agreements or fine tuning existing ones.

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