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Risk Management Essentials

Risk Management Essentials

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Risk Management Essentials is a comprehensive guide that details the basics of risk management. This 2nd edition has been enriched with additional examples of workplace risk identification, a new chapter that covers the basics of statistics for risk managers (includes forecasting and regression analysis), an expanded glossary, and rearranged content to align more closely with the structure of The National Alliance risk management courses. This text covers a breadth of information to help the reader acquire a fundamental understanding of risk management principles and issues and is a practical learning aid for students enrolled in the Certified Risk Manager (CRM) Program.


Risk Management Essentials is practical, thorough, and allows readers to learn the basic principles, terms, and concepts for the various risk management activities: identification, analysis, control, finance, and administration. The publication focuses on the key areas of financial statements, loss data, claims management, information technology, and enterprise risk management. To help learn the material, question-and-answer chapter study sheets are included in digital files that come with the book.


The companion files will be sent to you after purchase via email.

This book is patterned after the other two popular Essentials Series publications: P&C Insurance Essentials and Life & Benefits Essentials. Examples, tables, and charts throughout the guide assist with explaining important terms and concepts. In short, Risk Management Essentials helps new risk managers to become proficient faster and also serves as a ready reference guide for experienced professionals. 


Chapter 1: Introduction to Risk Management
Chapter 2: Risk Identification
Chapter 3: Ethics and Risk Management Policy
Chapter 4: Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 5: Gathering Loss Data
Chapter 6: Qualitative Analysis
Chapter 7: Cash Discounting Concepts
Chapter 8: Basic Statistics for Risk Managers
Chapter 9: Loss Forecasting


Chapter 10: Risk Control Fundamentals
Chapter 11: Risk Control and Mitigation
Chapter 12: Risk Control for Workplace Exposures
Chapter 13: Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rating
Chapter 14: Claims Management
Chapter 15: Crisis Management

Chapter 16: Simple Risk Financing Options
Chapter 17: Loss Sensitive Financing Options
Chapter 18: Alternative Risk Financing Options
Chapter 19: Actuarial, Accounting, and Auditing Perspectives

Chapter 20: The Risk Manager
Chapter 21: Building the Risk Management Team
Chapter 22: Information Technology for Risk Managers
Chapter 23: Allocating the Total Cost of Risk
Chapter 24: Executive Risk
Chapter 25: Due Diligence
Chapter 26: Enterprise Risk Management


Unique Features: 

  • Over 550 pages of practical information on risk management theory and application
  • Examples and tables included throughout to explain the key concepts
  • Includes a digital download of a Study Guide with questions and answers for each chapter.  Files delivered via email after purchase.
  • Thorough analysis with 26 chapters

Practical Uses and Benefits: 

  • Helps with training of new employees.
  • Serves as a ready reference source.
  • Used for advanced study material for all CRM programs.
  • Educates commercial lines producers on risk management activities.

Recommended reading for all CRM and CSRM courses.  


Dues-paid designees can now download at no charge the digital editions of this publication. Ebooks are conveniently accessed through your PROfile. Visit us online learn more about becoming a dues-paid designee.

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Risk Management Essentials
Risk Management Essentials
Risk Management Essentials
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