Homeowners' Coverage—Managing Your Clients' Most Valuable Assets

Homeowners' Coverage—Managing Your Clients' Most Valuable Assets

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Written in an easy conversational tone, Chris Boggs has penned Homeowners’ Coverage to help students of the industry, agents, account executives, customer service representatives, and claims personnel meet the immediate and long-term coverage needs of their clients on this bedrock insurance topic—homeowners’ insurance.

“Regardless of the reason your insureds think they purchase insurance—whether requirement or fear—the real reason is to get claims paid at the time of a loss. Although your insureds may not verbalize this need—in reality, this is the only reason insurance is purchased.

Our job as agents is to make sure this desire is satisfied by comprehending policy language, understanding the breadth of coverage, and knowing how to protect against coverage gaps.”

—Chris Boggs 


The seven key property insurance concepts and coverages agents need to know to properly analyze a client’s homeowner policy

How to compare the various property quotes provided by the agency’s different carriers and companies

A handy checklist and bottom-line knowledge to help protect your client, the agency, and yourself

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