Critical Factors Impacting Agency Value—Digital PDF

Critical Factors Impacting Agency Value—Digital PDF

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Critical Factors Affecting Agency Value will help you build value in your agency by identifying the critical factors that agency owners feel are the most important in affecting agency value. Use important benchmarks to compare the performance of your agency to others of similar size and region. Learn what is most rewarding about being an agency owner, as well as the greatest challenges.
Survey responses from over 200 independent insurance agency owners have been used to update the data from prior studies, and comparisons have been drawn to establish trend lines by time, agency location, agency size, and agency focus. Interviews with agency owners add analysis, tips, and suggestions that lend real-world applicability to the data.
By comparing your agency to benchmark data for each of 38 critical factors, agency owners and managers can implement strategies for enhancing their agency's value. In addition, this publication refers to benchmark data drawn from other National Alliance Research Academy studies: Growth and Performance Standards (GPS), Producer Profile, and CSR Profile.

Practical Uses and Benefits: 
  • Identify and prioritize the essential and controllable factors that form the foundation of value for an independent insurance agency.
  • Benchmark your agency against like agencies in order to improve the value of your agency.
  • Glean ideas for measuring and tracking critical factors in order to maintain or improve your agency’s results.
Recommended reading for CIC Agency Management Courses and James K. Ruble Agency Management Seminars.  (168 pages)

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