A Tedious, Brief History of Insurance—Digital PDF

A Tedious, Brief History of Insurance—Digital PDF

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The History of Insurance is Rich, Varied, and Anything but BORING.

Insurance brings out the best and the worst in people and institutions. It encompasses the imaginative and the idiotic, the sage and the silly, the altruistic and the esurient, the sheep-like and the shark-like, and, of course, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This fact-filled history examines the origins of many insurance coverages, insuring mechanisms, insurance laws and regulations, insurance customs and practices, and—just for fun—some of the less-proud moments in the insurance world. Through increased awareness of the historical events that have arisen from the web of relationships involving insurance, everyone—including the policyholder—has the opportunity to learn from the past and try to improve the workings of the insurance mechanism and avoid making the same mistakes over and over. 

 A must-have book for every industry library. Chapters include:

  • Early experiments in insurance
  • The role of London underwriters
  • The ignition of fire insurance
  • The industrial revolution and insurance
  • Insurance comes to America
  • Modern era of insurance
  • The development of modern insurance coverages
  • Three interesting facts from the modern era of insurance in England
  • Regulation
  • The rise of professionalism
  • War and pieces of insurance history
  • The impact of insurance on the arts
  • Extensions of a good idea into the sometimes ridiculous or, at least, the obscure or obtuse
  • The Follies Bizarre
  • Frauds, deceits, and scurrilous swindles

(340 pages)

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