Workers' Comp—Practical Answers to the Most Common Workers' Comp Questions—Digital PDF

Workers' Comp—Practical Answers to the Most Common Workers' Comp Questions—Digital PDF

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Workers’ compensation is mandated by the state and is considered a “sole remedy” solution. That sounds fairly straightforward. However, it gets complicated when statutes, common law, contracts, and the human element all join together—or in contention—to permit, reduce, or deny the results workers’ comp was designed for—to provide a safety net for employees injured on the job.

“Because what appears theoretically simple is actually quite complicated, our clients have many questions we must be able to answer. This book makes it easy for you to answer 16 of the most commonly asked workers’ compensation questions.”

—Chris Boggs


The many differences between state workers’ comp statutes—requirements applicable in one state may not be applicable in a neighboring state

How a compensable injury must “arise out of and be in the course and scope” of the worker’s employment—the gray areas and various interpretations of “course and scope”

Who qualifies as an “employee,” what injuries are compensable, and what benefits are available?

How workers’ compensation classification codes are determined—a key factor in determining premium

How to interpret the NCCI Experience MOD Worksheet


State-to-State Workers’ Comp Comparison Chart

Glossary of Key Workers’ Compensation Terms

Testimonial from a reader:

"Chris – I loved the book! Insurance Fundamentals

Workers’ Comp – Practical Answers to the most common work comp questions.

It is like the cliff notes of work comp

Every insurance producer that writes commercial business should be required to read this. 

I will probably refer to this book weekly if not daily."

-Tim Manring, CPCU, CAWC, AU, AU-M, AAI, AIS, AINS

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