Property & Casualty Insurance Essentials—Digital PDF

Property & Casualty Insurance Essentials—Digital PDF

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P&C Insurance Essentials is a comprehensive guide that teaches the basics of property and casualty insurance. This 9th edition of this guide supplies you with basic knowledge, yet it covers a wide breadth of information. Thus, it helps to form the fundamental understanding of insurance issues, acting as a stepping stone to CIC and CISR programs. This book is also a great reference source for seasoned professionals.

Learn the basic insurance terms, concepts, coverages, and exclusions for P&C insurance. Focus on the key aspects of Homeowners, Commercial General Liability, Workers Compensation, and other pertinent topics. Practical examples are provided throughout. Includes the latest ISO changes and a downloadable study guide. 

Recommended reading for ALL National Alliance designation programs.

 (568 pages)

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