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Insurance Fundamentals of Life & Health Insurance

Insurance Fundamentals of Life & Health Insurance

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Life and health insurance are the cornerstones of protection for the financial future of individuals, families, and businesses. This book is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the mechanics of life and health insurance products, with topics that include:  

Life Insurance: Even with life insurance annual premiums of $150 billion per year, the market remains underserved, with only 54% of Americans currently covered by life insurance. Standards such as whole life insurance are still popular, and the industry has continued to innovate with products such as variable life insurance, level term life insurance, and return of premium. Life & Health Fundamentals explains all the different options available, in easy-to-comprehend terms. 

Health Insurance: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may have changed the way consumers purchase health insurance, but not the fact it is needed and used frequently. Learn the requirements and limitations of the ACA, as well as the alternatives available for you and your clients. 

Annuities: With America’s aging population, annuities are among the most talked about retirement products available. But with so many variations, from immediate to deferred, and from fixed to indexed to variable, even insurance professionals can become overwhelmed. Each annuity type is explained here in an understandable format. 

Disability Income: The most overlooked coverage in the life and health arena is long-term disability insurance. There are eight important features to look for when considering or proposing a disability income policy. This book will walk you through these features to help you gain a solid understanding of each. 

Medicare: The federal health insurance program for people aged 65 and older and for people younger than age 65 with approved medical conditions. Learn about the four coverage parts to Medicare and the eligibility requirements to qualify for coverage.

Medigap Plans: Designed to supplement Medicare Part A and B coverage and are only used by those enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.  Learn how Medigap plans work to help fill the gaps in Medicare coverage.

Medicaid: The federal health insurance program offered to those with limited financial resources.  Medicaid is jointly funded at both the federal and state level, and as such, eligibility and coverage options can vary significantly from state to state. You will learn about the basics of the Medicaid program as well as the origins of Medicaid and how it has expanded with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Long Term Care Insurance: Addresses the risk that the insured will be unable to care for himself or herself, typically at older ages.  Learn about 3 common characteristics, coverage triggers, and features of long-term care insurance policies.

Life & Health Fundamentals uses examples, case studies, “Check Your Understanding” features, and short chapter quizzes to help you truly grasp how to apply what you learn. It also includes chapters on Medicaid, estate planning, and business uses of life insurance—information you can leverage for working with lucrative, larger, and more complex clients. 

Written by two industry experts, each with over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Life & Health Fundamentals is the practical resource—and reference guide—for anyone who wants to enter the life and health industry or expand their knowledge to propel their career forward!

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Insurance Fundamentals of Life & Health Insurance
Insurance Fundamentals of Life & Health Insurance
Insurance Fundamentals of Life & Health Insurance
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